KETO/Carnivore/Fasting/Nutrition/Health Q&A

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Dr Ken and Nurse Neisha answer all your questions about a Proper Human Diet Lots of good questions in this episode about health, nutrition, high blood pressure, eating meat, Dr Berry's Website: MINERAL /Electrolyte Drops: Neisha's Youtube/Blog Https:// Https:// Dr. Berry’s Book, now available in Audible, Kindle, and Paperback. LIES MY DOCTOR TOLD ME: Hate Liver? LIVER Supplement: (Discount code = KENTEN) Eat REAL Meat: Redmonds Re-Lyte electrolytes; Discount code: DRBERRY Redmonds Bundles salt crystals promo code DRBERRY Keto Chow DISCOUNT CODE: DRBERRY10 Electrolytes ?‍‍Beauty bundle ?Big salt bundle (Neisha) ?Small salt bundle (Dr B) Timestamps: 0:00 KETO, Carnivore, Fasting, Nutrition, Health Q&A 2:20 Does weight gain happen on Carnivore 3:34 Is it possible to be allergic to Iodine if I have Hashimoto's 5:22 How can a food addict start Keto diet 6:38 Does women still need healthier carbs 8:56 How to decrease migraine besides doing Carnivore 10:54 What does caffeine do to Eczema 11:35 How do I choose to do between Carnivore and Keto 11:33 What diet to do to help fix Spondylolisthesis 14:22 Is it okay to have cheat meals once a week 15:39 Can liver capsules substitute to real animal liver 16:46 What is OMAD 17:29 Proper Human Diet Testimonial 18:30 Does Keto help fix Lupus 18:52 Is Mild Spondylosis reversible 19:35 Can I add spinach to my Carnivore diet 20:48 Is Carnivore okay for RNY Gastric Bypass 21:10 Can Hydralazine cause Lupus or the side effects mimic Lupus 23:42 Is Kosher the best salt to use 24:41 Does heart medicine prevent me from being in total ketosis 25:54 Can you be metabolically inflexible when being strict Carnivore 26:59 Can people without a gallbladder do Keto and IF 28:39 Can Keto help male factor infertility 30:03 Does Keto cause increase in bust size 31:19 Can Carnivore diet help Celiac disease 32:23 Should I convince people with Crohn’s to do Keto 35:57 Does Carnivore improve your vision 37:46 Does Carnivore help Restless Leg Syndrome 38:43 Is it possible to do 24hours fast a week 39:25 What’s the best chemical free shampoo 42:47 Are sauces and seasonings okay for strict Carnivore diet 43:58 Is there such a thing as healthy carbs in Carnivore 44:56 What to take if Calcium level went up 46:31 How many pound of beef bacon is acceptable for OMAD 47:03 How can I stop losing weight 51:30 Is sauerkraut a good low carb option for gut health 53:02 Can someone get away with a diet with no organs? 54:17 Can a carnivore diet feed H. Pylori? 55:18 Should I be worried about Cholesterol 56:07 What can I do to Olecranon Bursitis Elbow 57:10 What should a pregnant person do if they have no appetite Disclaimer: Dr. Berry does not diagnose, treat, or prevent any medical conditions online; instead he helps people better understand their health and ways to avoid health problems and promote well being. Make sure you are working with YOUR provider to monitor your health and medications. These posts and videos are not designed to and do not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment, or services to you or to any other individual. Ken D Berry, MD
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