Find the Best Nexplanon Specialist in Mesa

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Find the Best Nexplanon Specialist in Mesa

Best Nexplanon Specialist in Mesa If you're considering getting the Nexplanon birth control device, you'll need to find a qualified specialist. In Mesa, AZ, Dr. Emily Women's Health Center offers the Nexplanon procedure. During the consultation, your doctor will assess whether you're a candidate for the treatment and discuss the benefits and risks. She will also discuss your current and future health and consider any concerns you might have about pregnancy.

As a contraceptive, a Nexplanon implant prevents pregnancy for up to three years

The device is a thin, flexible matchstick-sized device that releases hormones slowly to control your menstrual cycle. The implant is not permanent, and will need to be replaced every three years. However, if you become obese, it can be removed earlier than that. A skilled doctor will perform the procedure and ensure your safety.

The Nexplanon insert is a long-acting birth control medication

It prevents pregnancy by altering the environment of your uterus. The progestin prevents the ovaries from releasing eggs and sperm. It can be taken for up to three years, and can be replaced during the same visit. Since the Nexplanon implant has very little room for human error, pregnancy is 99 percent prevented with it.