ASSASSIN ON ! | Apollon Nutrition Black Tulip Pre-Workout Review

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TO ORDER BLACK TULIP: USE DISCOUNT CODE: GYMHOMIE15 #FATBURNER #PREWORKOUT #HIGHSTIMSATURDAY -E-mail me at [email protected] for a list of supplements I’m selling super cheap or coaching! -Follow me on Instagram @GARAGEGYMHOMIE -Follow me on TikTok @GARAGEGYMHOMIE -Subscribe to the channel for supplement reviews & fitness content DISCOUNT CODES: GGH15 GYMHOMIE15 GGH10 GYMHOMIE10 GGH15 GYMHOMIE GYMHOMIE Ari20 GGH15 GGH10 GYMHOMIE HOMIE GYMHOMIE factsoverfeelings _____________________________________________________________________________ Website: Description: At Apollon, our culture is built on a foundation power and strength. We also greatly value a strong passion towards the individual pursuit of beauty which can come in many forms. Lifting heavy ass weights with perfect form for the ultimate one rep max. Gracefully displaying your physique illuminated by blazing stage lights. Staying true to your fitness journey with mental strength and consistency no matter what life throws at you. Forging sinfully seductive curves shaped by the iron life that turns heads and breaks hearts. Beauty is the process and the results are revealed in many forms. The beauty of Apollon culture is rare, but our very own Vice President Karalina personifies this as a black tulip would with her power and strength. This theme runs through all our products, especially Assassin. The elusive black tulip is cherished by many but is rarely experienced by ordinary men. But to those that understand its true meaning, witnessing it can be the achievement of a lifetime. Karalina is on the label because she's the perfect example of Apollon's culture and what we value. She is one of our greatest brand achievements. We aren’t a bunch of corporate douche bags and have a Vice President that is truly stunning in many ways like the elusive black tulip. We aren’t afraid to say it, because she is Apollon Nutrition to the core gracefully displacing power and strength without question. Don’t take her beauty for weakness unless you want a swift kick to the head. At Apollon we elevate our own just like we want to elevate your expectation of yourself and the choices you make with the supplement brands you align yourself with. Assassin Black Tulip will help you become the best version of yourself without question. It’s the ultimate thermogenic pre-workout that personifies what Apollon Nutrition is all about. JUST THE FACTS AND NO BS! FULLY LOADED FOR MAXIMUM THERMOGENIC EFFECTS† Maximizes cardio & endurance.† Accelerates fat loss & lean gains .† Creates laser-like focus.† Zero fillers.† 100% Transparent Label. Tired of being fat? Stop crying about, take a scoop of Assassin Black Tulip, and get your ass on the treadmill. This wasn't crafted by a bunch video game playing nerds trying to impress people on Youtube or some old legacy brand owner still trying to bang booth bunnies young enough to be their daughter. It was created to give you fast results. This formula without question is classic punch you in the face Apollon Nutrition Strong. We give a fuck about results and Assassin Black Tulip can’t be beaten by any of our competition GUARANTEED. It’s classic Assassin with an added blistering array of thermogenic ingredients that will melt fat instantly with power and strength Are you still interested? Then step up and mix it up and enjoy the ride. We didn't compromise and we're here to DOMINATE.
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